Niina Salonen – Yhdessä #eteenpäin

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In English

I am a candidate for the Greens in Turku, in the municipal election, this spring 2017. Here you can find a short bio in the end and the themes for my campaign and arguments for choosing these.

Education is for everybody

For the past year or so I’ve been working with issues around youth guarantee in the Education Division of the City of Turku. I find it necessary for us to guarantee that everyone has equal opportunities for education, as well as further education. First and foremost we need to acknowledge that vocational education provides the professionals needed for the business sector. We need to make sure that the level of vocational education stays at the top level where it belongs.

Physical activity is for everybody

In the evenings, I take an active role in supporting the development of rhythmic gymnastics in Turku. I got dragged into gymnastics after my daughter started doing gymnastics in Turun Naisvoimistelijat when she was four years old. I love to spend my spare time supporting my kids in their hobbies. My son plays basketball. While my daughter found her thing right from the start, my son had to try at least ten hobbies before finding his ”thing”.

I used to run my own business in the health and well-being sector for four years. It thought me a great deal of what it takes to be an entrepreneur in Finland. It also showed me how difficult it was to plant a seed of physical activity in an adult if it had not been a part of growing up. It is very important to me, that every child has an opportunity to have a hobby that can be carried out to a healthy adulthood.

Turku is for everybody

I want to be your voice in Turku. I promise to listen to you and take your message further. I cannot promise that it will lead to a change, but I do have the nerve to take your issues up and make them heard. Every voice has a right to be heard.

So who am I?

untitled-designMy name is Niina, but everybody calls me Ninni, you can do that too. I am a Master of Social Sciences, majored in Public Administration. I am also a mother. I have two kids, both in primary school, my husband is self-employed and we have a dog. Family values mean a great deal to me. Whenever I get a chance to eat my granny’s blueberry pie, I will most definitely do that. I live outside the city center, in Metsämäki. I really try to favor public transportation as much as possible, but we do have a car too. Please do not hold that against me, I am at least trying to do something about it.